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Registered Office: Epimelos Ltd., The Old Bakery, 90 Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1 2QP

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Epimelos has just delivered an innovative cloud-based application platform for a large government department. In a radical departure from the inherent copper-plated, restrictive contracts for government technoloy, the platform supported the ideals of "infrastructure as code". By creating a library of re-useable environment definition and configuration artefacts, executed by a portfolio of industry best of breed tools, the platform effects rapid and accurate software environment design and delivery.


While the platform was delivered principally for one project, the design ethos from the outset was to remain open, to de-couple and to disaggregate; build and design once and share as much of the components as possible with other projects and government departments.


"Watching a software environment consisting of application & management networks, bastion hosts, hardened jump boxes, and then all of the release specific virtual machines that our developers had described, appear from nothing but a blinking cursor in a matter of minutes was a real rush of excitement for myself and the team," said Simon Pearce, Director of Epimelos. "What was even better was the knowledge that what we had sweated over once could be almost gift-wrapped for others to gain benefit from. The potential cost savings and reductions in delivery times are substantial."



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